Custom work & Original Watercolors

Flower Moon, 15"x20"

Malachite II, 15"x20"

Earth & Space Mandala, 22"x30"

14k gold and turquoise pendant

14k gold, lapis lazuli and ruby earrings

14k gold, turquoise & diamond pendant

Volvox, 15"x20"

Rama, 22"x30"

Petri Dish Scape, 15"x20"

Peridot and 14k gold ring

14k gold, fine silver and labradorite pendant

14k gold and natural pink coral ring

Karenia brevis, 22"x30"

Tree Branch Mandala, 22"x30"

Cnidarians, 22"x30"

14k gold, black spinel & diamond pendant

Sterling silver, 14k gold, boulder opal and ruby pendant

Sterling silver, black onyx & diamond pendant

Diver's Dream, 9"x12"

All Is Stardust: Photosphere, 6"x9"

All Is Stardust: Blastocyst, 7"x9"

Sterling silver, beach pebble and ruby pendant

14k gold, fine silver and labradorite pendant

Sterling silver, turquoise and sapphire pendant

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