Custom work & Original Watercolors

14k gold and turquoise pendant

14k gold, lapis lazuli and ruby earrings

14k gold, turquoise & diamond pendant

Peridot and 14k gold ring

14k gold, fine silver and labradorite pendant

14k gold and natural pink coral ring

14k gold, black spinel & diamond pendant

Sterling silver, 14k gold, boulder opal and ruby pendant

Sterling silver, black onyx & diamond pendant

Sterling silver, beach pebble and ruby pendant

14k gold, fine silver and labradorite pendant

Sterling silver, turquoise and sapphire pendant

Flower Moon, 15"x20"

Malachite II, 15"x20"

Earth & Space Mandala, 22"x30"

Petri Dish Scape, 15"x20"

Rama, 22"x30"

Volvox, 15"x20"

Karenia brevis, 22"x30"

Tree Branch Mandala, 22"x30"

Cnidarians, 22"x30"

Diver's Dream, 9"x12"

All Is Stardust: Photosphere, 6"x9"

All Is Stardust: Blastocyst, 7"x9"

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